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Is Knivis web-design software?  Yes – Knivis is a full-featured, remote-hosted CMS (“Content Management System”). This means you can easily create websites with it, without knowing any HTML or programming. But Knivis goes far beyond that, too.
How is Knivis “more” than a CMS?  Knivis includes many features that bring it to another level. First of all, it’s a SAS hosted solution, meaning your website is accessible from anywhere. We include web management and SEO features, like Meta Tags, Descriptions, and Robots.txt builders. CSS and JavaScript components are built in, and Knivis also works with ColdFusion. We even have custom modules, like shopping carts and real-estate listing components. Together this makes for a very powerful CMS. But then there’s also the Knivis Community… 
Tell me about the Knivis Community – what advantages are there for me?  Knivis Community is one of the biggest “differences” in Knivis. That’s because it’s filled with web and internet professionals of every flavor, all ready to work on a “Knivis Powered” site. The Knivis Community benefits end users, because a “Knivis certified” freelance professional is within easy reach. The community also benefits developers and resellers, as it allows one to tap into all web disciplines, and fill the gaps their company doesn’t offer. They can do this by referral, or under their own name – there’s really a lot of flexibility here.
Resellers / Rebranding – tell me about this. Knivis allows developers, web professionals and/or entrepreneurs to rebrand/resell Knivis. This gives developers the opportunity to offer it their clients under their own name. It also gives entrepreneurs / web professionals an income-producing opportunity that is two-fold: they can resell the Knivis solution to companies, and/or they can offer their own development services (using the Knivis community to fill service/skill gaps they don’t personally handle.) Essentially, Knivis allows anyone to own their own business, any way they see fit. A person can start their own web-design service company, they can resell Knivis, a web development firm can call it their own… the possibilities are endless. We’ve put together a free information pack that goes further into this –click here to get it.
I see Knivis has a page saying they will develop websites. Does that mean Knivis competes with its own brand owners / resellers? No! If someone came to Knivis to develop a website, we would pass the to a brand owner, while still being the “face”. We offer that service because when someone comes here wanting a website, it’s difficult to explain the brand owner concept / etc to them. They just want a website, and nothing more. For that client, we’ll make sure they get a website. 
How much is Knivis?  We have different licensing agreements, which can be customized to your situation. Contact us to learn more. 
Is hosting included with a Knivis-made website?  Yes! In fact, it’s hosting on a dedicated production (not co-shared) server, which puts us in the top 4% of all hosting companies in terms of secure reliability.
What about our own URL, though?   You use your own URL. In fact, Knivis can support an almost unlimited number of URL’s / websites.
We’re a corporation, and we’d like Knivis for our company website(s), but don’t need any rebranding / community / etc. We just want the CMS. Is this possible?   Of course! Sometimes in all the rebranding/community talk, the fact that Knivis is, first and foremost, a robust CMS gets lost. So the answer is a resounding “yes”.

If you have more questions about Knivis please contact us or ask the community of Knivis users.

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